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The Iraqi Democratic Alliance

   The Iraqi Democratic Alliance (IDA) is an officially registered political organization in the United States of America established for the purpose of freely conducting its political activities in accordance with U.S. law. This alliance includes an elite group of Iraqi leaders and experts in the fields of economics, science, administration, medicine, and security.

The goal of the IDA is to return Iraq to Iraqis, free of foreign influence from Iran and their political parties and militias that are destroying our country.  We want an Iraq that is a thriving economy and an ally to the U.S. and our Arab neighbors. We want an Iraq that can protect itself from the scourge of Sunni jihadist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS; and from the threat of Iran’s malign influence. 
The Iraqi Democratic Alliance will work to restore Iraq’s sovereignty and its prestige.  The IDA will strive to make Iraq a model country to its neighbors and the international community.  Our Iraq will carry out reforms with the help of the international community to give Iraqis a better future.  An Iraq with job opportunities for our unemployed youth, with healthcare, a better educational system through partnerships with western universities, and a secure Iraq where threats have no safe haven to grow.  

The Iraqi Democratic Alliance will push for reforms that create a fair and independent judiciary and a transparent electoral system that ensures free and fair elections that guarantee the rights of the Iraqi voter and the electorate as a whole.  The IDA will ensure that those responsible for killing and torturing Iraqi protesters will be identified and brought to justice.  The IDA will also ensure corrupt politicians that stealing Iraq’s resources and treasure be held accountable to the Iraqi people. 
Key to Iraq’s transition to a sovereign country and a respected neighbor is the end of Iran’s militias in Iraq.  The only security forces in Iraq should be the local police and the uniformed forces answerable to the commander in chief.  The militias in the Popular Mobilization Units must be disarmed, disbanded, and their members reintegrated into society.  
The political parties and militias tied to Iran took advantage of the current constitution to establish primacy in the Council of Representatives and the security and intelligence apparatus in order to punish and disenfranchise Iraqis based on their politics and ethno-sectarian makeup.  The IDA seeks to amend the constitution in order to guarantee the unity of the country and equal rights to all Iraqis.  Nationalism must replace sectarianism.  

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